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Five Questions with Jupiter Styles! 15 Jan 2020

Wanted to try something different with these news posts! This is a little thing I'm calling "Five Questions..." (bet you'll never guess why).

This first installment is with Jupiter Styles' head honcho Sean Neumann! Peep our little convo below!

1) What song is currently stuck in your head?

I know this is an amazing opportunity to shout out a band I really like, but to be completely honest I’ve got “Goodbye” by D4NNY stuck in my head.

2) What are your top 5 fast food sandwiches?

Bypassing the entire “is a burger a sandwich?” argument… my favorite sandwiches are:

1. Portillo’s “Big Beef” (hot peppers & mozz)
2. Wendy’s “Son of Baconator” (or as our friends in Dags! call it: “son of a baconator!”)
3. In & Out Burger (animal style, of course)
4. Jack in the Box’s “Buttery Jack w/ Bacon & Swiss”
5. McDonald’s “Bacon McDouble”

3) I know you just got a new TV - what is the first thing you’re gonna watch on it?

“Pardon the Interruption” if I can set it up in time!

4) Is there a guitar pedal that you’ve always wanted to put in your set up?

Loop pedal — I’ve always been enamoured by the way Leslie Feist uses a loop pedal for her vocals. I really want to master that craft, but I’m lazy and watch too much ESPN and eat too much fast food to really do anything I want to do.

5) After a long day what is your number one go-to stress reliever?

Seriously not going for a theme here but… I like to watch TV! I grew up loving television and watching it everyday and learning something new, so I like to put on a new show but with a goal in mind of understanding a background or history I’ve never understood before.


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