Rat King Records

Nectar "Blister" Out Now! 23 Jan 2020

It's 2020, the year of digital singles!

We are so stoked too bring you "Blister' from Champaign based power-pop-punkers Nectar!

Guitarist/Vocalist Kamila Glowacki had this to say about the song...

"Blister is a reminder to not be too hard on yourself, find gratitude in the small things, and do everything with intention. It was written and recorded during a time where I had severely broken both bones in my forearm and was mentally and physically grappling with the possibility of not being able to play guitar again. I’ve since recovered and am left with scars — which, like blisters, are physical reminders of healing, resilience, and the toll of doing something you love."

Listen to blister now on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/6OVYMW7erVqOajItYQmL6c

Or on Bandcamp here: https://nectarnectar.bandcamp.com/album/blister


In addition to the song, Nectar also dropped this sick new long sleeve inspired by the single Blister!

The shirt was hand printed by the band at Rat King Headquarters World Wide.

In regards to the t-shirt art, Glowacki had this to share...

"The new version of my arm felt very grotesque as it was healing – long scars, dark and exaggerated hair growth, swelling, bruising, and metal plates that keep the bones in place. I wanted to have a flower pattern that is only on the left sleeve to mirror the injury on my left arm. It's also meant as a kind action for a part of you that is healing – like giving someone flowers. The brick wall pattern is an obstacle and interruption to overcome and is a direct reference to a lyric in the song."

Grab one of these very limited shirts up here: https://nectarnectar.bandcamp.com/