Rat King Records

Spandrels - "Tiger's Eye b/w Swan Song"

Spandrels began in 2011 as the solo noise project of guitarist/vocalist Casey No. Originally based out of Evansville, IN, No was joined in Spandrels by a rotating cast of collaborators in the years that followed before eventually becoming a solo project again in 2016. In the summer of 2017, he asked Champaign-Urbana, IL musicians Isaac Arms (guitar), Isabel Skidmore (bass), and Christine Pallon (drums) to join Spandrels for a one-off stint opening for Palehound and Thunder Dreamer in Indianapolis. Split between cities and states, Spandrels came together to re-imagine No's solo compositions and quickly realized that the distance was worth overcoming to keep the project alive long after that first show was over.

Eight months later, Spandrels is still going strong. With a sound rooted equally in pop and experimental noise rock, the band headed into the Champaign home studio of Mark Wyman this winter to record their debut single "Tiger's Eye," out 3/16 on cassette on Rat King Records. In support of their single release, Spandrels will hit the road for a week-long East Coast tour this March.

'Tiger's Eye' is about the desire for your lover to end the relationship when you don't have the strength to, when both of you know it can't work out the way it was supposed to be.