Rat King Records

Nightcrawler - "Nightcrawler" RKR-036

Nightcrawler comes from the Hanover Park/Schaumburg suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and is comprised of Christian Sanchez (Guitar, Vocals), Jimmy Donovan (Drums, Vocals), and Connor Prizy (Bass).

The trio are heavily inspired by the Dischord post-hardcore sound and all of the emerging indie/punk/shoegaze bands of the '80s and '90s.

After self released a demo and a cassingle, Nightcrawler started recording their first full
length in Chicago suburb based studio - Noiseless Studios. After a tumultuous recording
process (including the original bassist quitting), Nightcrawler finished recording strong
highlighting riffs reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. and vocal harmonies that soar.

The LP was mixed/mastered by the legendary Will Killingsworth (Failures/Orchid) at Dead
Air Studios.

So stoked for this crew and this record, you don't wanna sleep on this!

(LP comes with a Bandcamp download code!)