Rat King Records

Tina Sparkle "Southern Hospitality" Tape RKR-043

Tina Sparkle's new release, 'Southern Hospitality,' feels like wandering into a familiar venue to experience a live, raw and gritty rock show. Marsha Satterfield's songwriting and guitar leads once again take center stage on this follow-up to 'Welcome to the No Fun House'; with lyrics that have become even better at seducing us in one breath, while bringing us to tears in the next. 'Southern Hospitality' welcomes us back into Tina Sparkle's sometimes brutally honest stories of love, lust, and heartache with open arms. This time around, there is a warmth and optimism underneath, which leaves us hopeful for the next chapter. The album title and cover art are derived from the Nashville, TN origin of Marsha Satterfield's wife and greatest muse.

Recorded by Mark Wyman at Tonegood in Champaign, IL.
Vocals, Guitar: Marsha Satterfield
Bass, Vocals: Chris Anderson
Drums, Vocals: aTomic Satterfield