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Kamila Glowacki & Polypsis Split 7"

Kamila Glowacki / Polypsis Split 7"
Released in 2013 by Tenspeed Hero

Kamila Glowacki
The Bus Home

The Bus Home was recorded in the Summer of 2010 and features Hasumi Murase on vocals, glockenspiel, and melodica.
Sunday was recorded in the Winter of 2012.

The Day
Recorded in the Fall of 2012.
Mastered by Rick Winn at Enemata Productions.

From Tenspeed Hero:

A not B: Kamila Glowacki
We first met Kamila when she was 18 years old and reciting a Sylvia Plath poem to an undergraduate Photo 1 class. There is something arresting to Kamila: something teetering between happiness and angst that we really like. She consumes tragically flawed heroines and she encapsulates something melancholy, sweet and softly vengeful with her sound. We can’t help but love how much she hates her boyfriend or exlover or whomever, and how happy her sad songs are. We’ve been playing “The Bus Home” during our afternoon breaks. These post-breakup, pre-love tracks really fit our end-of-summer vibes.

B not A: Polypsis
Some layer sweaters, some layer sandwiches. Others layer sound.
Polypsis is an interesting foil to Kamila. Kamila’s music is angsty but we can clap to it; Polypsis is darker and abstracted: it kind of quiets us in a cool way. We need to listen to it another time.
It’s Noise Pop. It’s bizarre synth. It’s an artfully unraveled knit; truffle mustard on your finger from your Graziano sub; it’s the backwards imprint a melty-layer of Gorilla Glue leaves when poured, dried, and pulled from a vinyl.